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              General Instructions when preparing your documents for St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment


1.   Warning – Making a false declaration or producing fabricated or falsified documents will lead to a denial of              your St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment application.


2.   ​Any document or seal or stamp on a document which is not in English must be translated from its original                    language to English by either a professional translator who is officially accredited to a court of law, a government        agency, an international organization or similar official institution or, if done in a country where there are no              official accredited translators, a translation done by a company whose role or business is doing professional               translations.

3.    Copies of documents must be certified by a notary public to be a true copy of the original. Where a notary               public certifies a document to be a true copy of the original, that document must be authenticated either by:

             - an Apostille in accordance with the provisions of the Hague Convention of 5th October, 1961 Abolishing                 the Requirement of Legislation for Foreign Documents, in the case of countries that are parties to that                           Convention; or

              - proof of the expiry date of the commission for that jurisdiction in the case of certifications made by                            notaries public in the USA, Canada or any other country not party to the Hague Convention.


4.   As far as possible, please label/identify the documents presented for your St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by              Investment application.


5.   In the Citizenship by Investment applications forms, all questions must be answered. If a question does not apply        to you, write, ‘N/A’. Do not leave blank spaces in the application forms.

6.   Please take your time when completing the application forms. They are e-fillable and we strongly recommend 

      completing the forms electronically except for your signature which must be completed by hand. If you are unable

      to complete the forms electronically, handwriting should be neat and clear. Avoid messy ink pens. If you need to          make a correction, draw a neat line through the incorrect information and initial the change. 


7.   Please email us scanned copies of all your documents so we can review them and suggest corrections before you        mail the hard copies to us. When emailing scanned documents for our review, please save all documents in              PDF format except for the photos which should be saved in Jpeg format. Additionally, scan each applicant’s                document separately. For example, please do not scan the C1 forms for all applicants as one PDF file.                      Additionally, do not save different types of documents as one PDF file. For instance, do not save the passport              and ID card as one file. Finally, copies of documents should be, clear legible and in colour.

8.    Please do not staple or bind different types of documents together. For example, do not staple the birth certificate         to the police certificate. Keep each type of document separate.

9.    Make sure you have the same correct spelling of your name in all your official documents (Birth certificate,                 medical report, passport, national ID card, resident card, social security card, bank statements, police certificate,         utility bills, reference letters and employment letters).  If your documents have different name spellings and this is           because of translations from your native language to English then get a declaration from your translation                     company explaining this.  


             The following forms and documents are     required for each applicant applying for 

            St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment 


   1.   6 recent passport-sized photos of the applicant taken within the past month. Please note the following:

  • The photo must be a full front close-up view of the head and shoulders with the head making up 70% to 80% of the photograph;

  • The applicant must not be wearing sunglasses. Tinted prescription glasses may be worn as long as the eyes are still visible;

  • The ears in the photo must not be too close to the edges of the photo.

  • The photo should not have any border lines.

  • The photo must show the applicant looking straight at the camera, with eyes open and mouth closed.

  • The applicant must have a neutral expression (not laughing or frowning);

  • There must be no head-covering e.g. hair-band, cap, hat or scarf. In cases where a head-covering is worn for religious reasons the head-covering must not be multi-coloured and should be either solid black or blue in colour. Additionally, the photo must still show the full face from the ears;

  • The hairline and ears must be visible. The hair must not block parts of the face or ears. Wear a hairstyle which shows the full hairline and full ears.

  • The photo must be a true image and not altered in any way, with a plain, light-coloured background, clear, sharp and in focus;

  • Approximately 35 x 45 mm in size, of good quality colour and on high quality paper; and

  • The photos must be the same in all aspects, and one of the photos must be certified and attached to form C2.

  • The attorney signing the C2 form must endorse the reverse side of one copy of the photographs with the words: "I certify that this is a true likeness of the applicant Mr./Mrs./Miss...................................." (printing        the applicant's            full             name}             and      add      the certifier's signature and official ink stamp. It is ok to place the ink stamp over the written certificate Package your photos in a way so that the ink from the stamp does not smear the face of other photos. NB you will need a similarly endorsed photo for your passport application (see below) so ask your attorney to certify two photos.


    2. Completed St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment application form (Form C1). Application forms                      (including Forms C2 and C3) must be completed in English. They are e-fillable and we strongly recommend 

        completing the forms electronically except for your signature which must be completed by hand. If you are                  unable to complete the forms electronically, use clear, large, block handwriting using either a blue or black ink            pen. Please do not use any fancy/cursive handwriting. The use of white-off is forbidden. If you have to make a          correction, draw a neat line with a ruler through the incorrect information and make and initial the change. If a            child under the age of 18 is a part of the application, the child’s application form must be signed by both                  parents whether or not both parents are applying for citizenship. Even if parents are separated or divorced, both          parents still have to sign the C1 form.


   3.  St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Photograph and Signature Certificate (Form C2). Please neatly                glue one photograph to the C2 form in the box provided on the form. Do not glue the photograph with the                endorsement on the reverse. Do not staple the photo to the form.


   4. Original excerpt of full birth record or certified copy of full birth certificate (i.e. a birth certificate that includes                your parents’ details, or a household register, family book etc).

           - The birth certificates should not have abbreviations of names. A popular example is, Mhd or Moh’d being                 used as an abbreviation of Mohammed. CIU requires that in birth certificates the name be spelt as                           Mohammed, Muhammed Mohamed or any other elongated version and not as Mhd or Moh’d.


           - Where an applicant was born in Country A but is a citizen of Country B, CIU wants a birth certificate from                 the actual country of birth: Country A. This is in addition to the birth certificate from Country B if it is                           available.


  5.  St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Medical Certificate (Form C3) signed and completed by licensed           medical practitioner who examined the applicant.


  6.  Original result of HIV test - HIV test is required for all persons applying for St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by                Investment, including children 12 years of age and older. Note the HIV test results must not be older than 3                months. In light of this short validity period we recommend getting the HIV closer to when we are ready to                  submit your St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment application.

  7.  2 Certified copies of your current passport(s) showing name, photo, citizenship/nationality, date and place of           issue, expiry date, passport number,  external passports if available.

  8.  2 Certified copies of your current national identity card(s) Required for all applicants 16 years of age and over.

          If the applicants do not hold a driver's license or an ID card, they can apply for the ID card where they will be           provided with a slip which will bear their names photos and ID number. The Unit will accept in lieu of the ID               card until a certified copy of same can be submitted.  

  9.  Original police certificate(s) from country (not State) of citizenship (unless you can provide satisfactory evidence            that you have never lived there) and from any country (not State) where you have lived more than 1 year over the         past 10 years. Police certificates must be less than six months old at the time you lodge your application; or if             you are unable to provide a police certificate you must provide a separate statutory declaration in both English           and your own language, detailing your attempts to obtain a police certificate and stating whether you and any           accompanying family member have been found guilty or convicted of, or charged with offences against the law         in that country, or have not been charged with offences against the law of that country. This statutory declaration         should also be supported by other information attesting to your character. CIU does not accept police clearance         documents addressed to another country; it should be addressed to St. Kitts and Nevis.

 10. Certified copy of military records (if applicable). All applicants who are citizens of countries with mandatory               military service are required to submit copies of military records or exemption documentation where necessary.


 11. Certified copy of university degree record(s) (if applicable). If an applicant claims attainment of a university                 degree, he/she is required to submit a certified copy. In cases where one is unable to present copies, a                   notarised statement from the university confirming the degree is required.

 12. University enrolment confirmation - Applicants ages 18 to 30 years who apply as a dependent of the main                 applicant and are enrolled at a recognized institution of higher learning should submit official transcripts from the         institution or a letter from the competent authority confirming the Applicant’s enrolment at that institution of higher           learning. 

 13. Certified copy of proof of name change (if applicable), e. g. statutory declaration, adoption paper, deed poll             etc.) Please note that if you changed your name, your new name will be shown on the identification page of             your St. Kitts & Nevis passport and your previous name or names will be shown on the 'Observation Page' of the         passport.

 14. Name in ethnic script (e.g. Chinese, Arabic or Russian lettering) written/typed on a blank non-ruled sheet of               paper. Please write/type your name in English block letters at the top of the page so that we can easily know             who the ethnic script belongs to.


 15. Signature written on a blank non-ruled sheet of paper. Please write/type your name in English block letters at the         top of the page so that we can easily know who the ethnic script belongs to.


 16. Proof of income and assets (e.g. recent income tax returns, salary slips, share or bonds certificates, dividend               payment slips, property deed etc)


 17. Proof of employment – Job letter if applicant is an employee. Business licence, Certificate of Incorporation and             Certificate of Incumbency for self-employed business owners. Any other relevant documentary proof.

18. Foreign Politically Exposed Person Declaration - (PEP Declaration Form) for each applicant 16 years and over.

19. Sanctioned Countries Declaration - (Declaration) to be completed by each applicant 16 years and over, no more than 5 days before you mail your document package to us.


 20. Any other documents required as evidence, explanation or otherwise in support of any of the answers given or           statements made in this form.


The following forms and documents are required only once from the Main Applicant:

  1. In case of the Sustainable Growth Fund option: St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment, Investment                    Confirmation/Escrow Agreement (Form C4).


  2. In case of the real-estate option: copy of duly the executed Purchase and Sales Agreement, copy of duly executed        escrow agreement, evidence of title transfer (either deed or certificate of title) if closing on the property has                already taken place and confirmation of all funds having been deposited in escrow account.


  3. 1 original bank reference letter issued by an internationally recognised bank, not older than 6 months. This letter          must be under the bank’s official letterhead and addressed to the St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment            Unit. This letter should state the date your account was opened, that you are a good customer and that your                account is maintained in a satisfactory condition.


  4. 1 original professional reference letter (e.g. from an attorney, notary public, chartered accountant, or other                 professional of similar standing), not older than 6 months. This letter must be under the professional’s official                 letterhead.


  5.  2 certified copies of a document of evidence of residential address (e.g. certified copy of recent utility bill or               bank statement showing full name and address, or written confirmation from a bank, attorney, chartered                     accountant or notary public), not older than 3 months.


  6.  Certified copy of bank statements spanning at least the last twelve (12) months must be submitted by the main             applicant, or sponsors of applicants and should clearly reflect the applicant’s/sponsor’s ability to meet the                 necessary funding requirements. This may take the form of one or a combination of accounts, including                     Certificates of Deposit.


  7.  Power of Attorney between the Main Applicant and our government-authorised service provider which will be             prepared by us and signed by Main Applicant before a Notary Public or Attorney.


  8.  Affidavit of Financial Support – The main applicant must make a sworn declaration that he/she fully supports             any dependent applicant age 18 to 30 years or any dependent parent or grandparent age 55 years or older.           This declaration must also state that the dependent fully relies on the main applicant for financial support.


  9.  Affidavit of Consent (If applicable) - If child below age 18 is a part of an application for St. Kitts and Nevis               Citizenship by Investment by one parent only, the main applicant must provide:


  • an Affidavit of Consent by the other parent stating that he/she consents to the main applicant applying for citizenship for the child; and


  • a certified copy of the current passport (all pages) of the parent who is not applying for St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment.


      NB. There is no need for an Affidavit of Consent if the main applicant has sole legal custody of the child or the                 other parent is deceased. The main applicant must produce certified proof of his/her sole legal custody or                 death of the other parent. With Chinese applicants, however, you need to provide the Affidavit of Consent                 even if the main applicant has sole legal custody of the child.


 10. An Affidavit explaining any discrepancies with the application of documents in support.


The following documents are required for Married Persons:

  1. Original excerpt of marriage record or certified copy of marriage certificate(s) (if applicable). We also need              parent’s marriage certificate if parents apply as dependents. Married couples from the People's Republic of China        must also provide upon submission a certified copy of a Marriage Certificate (Booklet) from their municipal Civil          Affairs Bureau.


  2. Certified copy of divorce document(s) (if applicable).


Sponsor’s Documents (if applicable) - Where an applicant is being financially sponsored by a spouse, parent or child who is not a subject of that application or another independent/separate application or is not a citizen of St. Kitts and Nevis, that sponsor must undergo a background check. In this regard, the sponsor must provide:

    • A completed C1 form;

    • A certified copy of a valid passport ID page;

    • A certified copy of national ID;

    • A bank statement for the last twelve (12) months;

    • An affidavit of financial support stating that he/she supports the main applicant; and

    • Payment of due diligence fee of US$4,000.00 for cases under regular processing time and $20,000.00 cases under the accelerated processing time.



Passport Application 

You may also provide us with your passport application documents at this time as follows:

      The sample signature is required at section 1a. of the form, for all applicants 8 years of age and older.


      Do not complete section 3. This will be completed after you get your citizenship.


      Where a parent is applying on behalf of a child below age 16, the child is still considered to be the applicant.          Accordingly, when the recommender states at section 9 that he/she knows the applicant for a certain number of        years/months, the time period applies to the child and not the parent.  


  • 2 passport sized photos following the same instructions for photos listed above for photos. Additionally, the recommender at section 9 of the passport form is required to endorse the reverse side of one copy of the photographs with the words: "I certify that this is a true likeness of the applicant Mr./Mrs./Miss........................................... .. ............" (printing the applicant's full name) and add the recommender's signature and official stamp. Do not staple the photo to the form. Use glue instead. The recommender for the passport application can be different from the person who signs the C2 form. If you'll be using a different person for the passport form, you will need one photo with the certificate by the person from the C2 form and another photo with a certificate by the section 9 recommender. 

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